Ticket Office

You have various options if you want to buy tickets to see plays, shows, concerts or events. If you want to see a local show then you can, of course, simply pop down to your local theatre and buy tickets at their ticket office. But, this isn’t always easy if you want to see a show elsewhere, if you are pushed for time or if your local theatre sells their tickets a different way.

Going to your local ticket office to buy tickets may be quick and simple. You can pay for your tickets when you’re there and pick them up immediately. You may also be able to choose your seats into the bargain. But, there are other ways to buy tickets as well. These include:

Whichever ticket office option you choose you may be asked where you want to sit in the theatre or venue. There are a variety of options here. In basic terms the closer to the stage you are or the better your view of the stage, the more your tickets will cost. Most theatres/venues will offer the following kinds of seating options:

You’ll generally find that the ticket office that you use will either show you a seating plan or talk you through your options. Most theatre seats are numbered nowadays -- you are supposed to sit in the seats that you buy. So, you will usually be shown/told what is available and you’ll be able to make a choice from there